Women's Discipleship Groups

Women desiring to be a disciple of Christ with the goal of "making disciples who make disciples"

Women’s Discipleship Groups (D Groups) are small groups of women learning how to be Disciples of Jesus Christ with the goal of “making disciples who make disciples.”

The ladies meet together weekly for a year in a closed group that fosters trust and community. They learn how to study the Bible, pray for each other, memorize scripture, and encourage each other in their walks with The Lord Jesus.

The structure of the group is based on the New Testament Foundations book from Replicate Ministries (https://replicate.org) and the “Growing Up” book by Robby Gallaty. This Growing Up book covers the necessary disciplines to have as a follower of Jesus Christ and how to make disciples who make disciples. 

The next groups will begin in September, with location and times decided by each group. Meetings are often at the Church.

Please text Ellen Kight at 850-502-0051 if you are interested, or for more information.

Personal Testimony

Meditate on His law day and night ; inspired by the Word of God in Psalms 1. 

D-group is an experience made by God. 

The Gallaty couple presented the book and inspired man to grow in respecting the powerful Word of God reading, meditating, praying, basking, receiving, and honoring God in everything we do for His glory. This is constant!!! In memorizing the Word of God we are transformed, empowered and renewed. In writing our HEAR lessons ( Highlight, Explain, Apply, Respond) , we are humbled and eager to live and serve our living God. We are compelled to meditate on the Word of God daily with prayer throughout our day. In this He equips us to serve. We self examine ourselves and submit to God to serve Him the way HE planned .

We do not take advice from the wicked but delight on the law of the Lord. We share prayer, praise and miracles God has provided. We accept HIS provision. We cannot help but praise Him in great joy of the LORD being our strength and our portion. Bless you Holy Father for blessing this group with rich love, humble leadership in Ellen Kight and fierce desire to lean on YOU in humble adoration in sweet and powerful praise!

Thank you Ellen Kight for such sweet leadership. Thank you Coastline Calvary Destin for causing the body to grow with passion of Jesus Christ. And thank you Abba Father for the powerful presence full of love, truth, peace and joy poured into all for the glory of the Lord in Jesus mighty and gracious name. This is a precious time for the body of Christ. As we invested in Him, God faithfully invested in us!!!! God caused us to bear fruit each season as the Holy Spirit spurred us to meditate on truth, power and love growing in the Word of God, in Jesus name.

Love and awe, Ida

Please let us know if you would like more information!